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Directions to car park
From R0 follow the signs ‘Brussels Airport’. Once at the airport, follow the signs ‘P1’. Take the entrance ‘P1 VIP’ to the very right.

Additional Information
Address of the car park: Brussels Airport, 1930 Zaventem – Follow the signalization to the car park. On the tab ‘Directions’ you can find a detailed itinerary with a corresponding video.

Transfer to and from the Terminal
Our VIP Premium car park is located in the heart of the Terminals of Brussels Airport, at only 25 m of the Departures.

Arrival Procedure
Drive up to the entrance barrier. Your license plate will be checked to verify your reservation. Take the provided ticket and the barrier will open. Follow the yellow arrows and park your car at the drop-off zone. Go to the reception and hand over your car keys. A professional valet will park your car in the secured zone. On your return, you will need your ticket or Pcard+.

Departure Procedure
Present your ticket or Pcard+ at the reception in order to validate your stay. Our staff will hand over your car keys. The barrier will open automatically when leaving the car park. Should there be a problem, use your validated ticket or Pcard+ in order to exit.

Car Park Security
The P1 VIP parking is a secured parking zone. An insurance against theft, damage and fire is included in the price.

Special Assistance Facilities
Help with car battery problems. Help for disabled. Trolleys, professional hand car-wash and valet service.

Minimum Stay for pre-booking
1 day

10% discount with your Pcard+

Facilities and Services

  • Bank card accepted
  • Paying car wah service
  • Cash accepted
  • Electric charging station
  • Exit 24/7
  • Information Center
  • Covered parking
  • Secured zone
  • Theft & fire insurance
  • Toilets
  • Trolleys
  • Walking distance
1 day35 €
2 days70 €
3 days101 €
4 days132 €
5 days151 €
6 days170 €
7 days189 €
8 days201 €
9 days213 €
10 days225 €
11 days237 €
12 days249 €
13 days261 €
14 days273 €
15 days277 €
16 days281 €
17 days285 €
18 days289 €
19 days293 €
20 days297 €
21 days301 €
22 days305 €
23 days309 €
24 days313 €
25 days317 €
26 days321 €
27 days325 €
28 days329 €
  • You are on the A201 to Zaventem Airport.
  • Choose one of the two lanes on the extreme left and drive over the viaduct.
  • Always keep left and follow the signs “P1”.
  • Take the entrance “P1 VIP” to the very right.

Geographic coordinates:

50° 53′ 47″ N
4° 28′ 50″ E


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